Functionality / Applications


The watch's cold wallet is offline , you can diversify and secure your funds across more than 10,000 tokens and 12 different blockchains

To use it, a mobile application will be developed to communicate transaction orders via a secure Bluetooth connection. A physical action on the cold watch will be required to issue/validate a transaction.

24 random words will be communicated to you in order to recover your funds/data , in case of loss / breakage / stolen. .


You will be able to transfer your crypto-currencies between two C-Watches or with an exchange using the QR-Code. This method allows you to make quick speed transfers coupled with low fees of around $0.15.

Indeed, as we deploy our token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), this allows us to be attractive in the transfer business.

You have the option to make transfers via a secure Bluetooth connection through our mobile app.


NFC payment will be available on the second version of the Festa C-watch and will allow you to pay in many countries without having to type your pin code.

Each payment offers you a cashback in Festa Token. This percentage varies according to the number of Festa Token you block, ranging from 1% to 6%.

If you don't want to block your FSAs, your Festa C-Watch will still earn you 1% cashback by default.


Cashback is a discount system linked to your purchases. It is calculated as a percentage based on your spending. For example:

1% cashback on a $100 purchase means a $1 discount.

The percentage varies according to the the number of FSAs or FFAs you have blocked. Your cashback comes in the form of Festa tokens that can be reused for future spending or storage.

You will have your earnings instantly and can use them as you wish. This feature will be available in version 2.


Thanks to the pedometer of the Festa CryptoRun application, your physical activity earns you FSA or FFA ! It activates automatically as soon as you start walking, without you having to worry about it.

Collect up to 0.0132 FFA or 50 FSA per day thanks to your number of steps.

A reserve of 250,000 FFA / 3,000,000,000 FSA is available for this purpose. A maximum limit of 20,000 steps per 24 hours will be imposed and each step will earn you 0.00000066 FFA or 0.0025 FSA. You can then dispose of your winnings as you see fit.


Festa Universal offers FFA and FSA cold staking. This allows you to accumulate over time and gives you a boost to your cashback and cryptorun bonuses.

Staking earnings range from 2% to 10% per month, for a minimum of two years.

A reserve of 1,000,000 FFA and 4,500,000,000 FSA will be set aside for this purpose.

The number of staking contracts is limited.. However, if an investor abandons a contract , it will be available again.

Your C-Watch has a clock !

It will offer you a wide range of customisable clocks.

You will have access to primary functions such as stopwatch, date, alarm clock and a calendar.

The company will be developing an additional feature on the app that will allow you to customize your clock face and background as you wish.