Cold Staking

Cold staking will be available on the FFA and FSA. It will reward people who support the project.

However, if the holder withdraws their tokens from cold storage in less than 30 days, they will not collect and will stop receiving rewards.

Offers Staking Festa Finance

Festa Universal offers cold staking of FFA tokens without obligation. The number of contracts is limited as well as its duration in time. You will be able to subscribe to a contract after the listing of Festa Finance on the crypto-currency market as soon as the code is operational. These staking contracts do not commit you. To benefit from them, you just need to indicate the public address of your Festa Finance and check if there are still contracts available. Once your contract has been validated, you will receive your interest every month for the duration of the offer. However, if you move them to another address during the monthly term of your contract, you will not receive your monthly interest. A closed contract makes it available to another user.