Vos cryptos en mouvement, votre tranquillité en permanence

X-Watch, the ideal tool for crypto-security

From Cold Wallet to contactless payment, the X-Watch goes everywhere with you. The watch is designed to simplify your life and lets you own what really belongs to you.

A secure wallet that's always to hand !

X-Watch lets you store and manage your digital assets simply and intuitively. You can react quickly on the market, while protecting your crypto-assets against malicious attacks with an unprecedented level of mobility.

Pay with a simple gesture !

The contactless payment solution built into the wristband is very easy to set up. All you have to do is tokenise your bank cards in the Fest'app application. It works with all Visa and Mastercard payment terminals worldwide.

Fest'app application

Fest'app lets you interact with your X-Watch, deposit, withdraw, pay...

Real-time balance updates and many other functions to discover.